Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Several weeks ago we took old Rosie out for a quick overnighter to Doheny State Beach. The weather couldn't have be better (especially for October) and the company was so fun!
The boys always love a fun outing with the motorhome and were full of energy as usual.

A beach love'n family we are.
Children playing and the sun setting. Two of my most favorites.

Hot chocolate while camping is a must.

My surfer boys.

Don't let this look on Porter's face fool you... He wasn't mad about surfing, he was bummed it had to end. He hasn't stopped asking Ryan when he will be taking him surfing next.

And then there is Tav, who like his mother, would just rather relax in the sun.

Uncle Todd, the bird whisperer

The beach, the sun, some relaxation, a good old Rosie and some fun family times...
it just doesn't get much better than that!

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Biddles & Scootch said...

when we move down there we will do that with u guys!!!!!