Friday, October 14, 2011

FALLing behind

Fall is here.
I can't even believe it... I love the fall. I know I always say that I love the summer but I really love the fall. Maybe I just love the change of seasons. Whatever it may be I can't believe how far I have fallen behind on my blogging. (growing trend if you didn't notice) Life is just as busy here with the Rosie Family as ever, and maybe just a little bit more.
We started our first season of soccer. Porter has picked up the basics pretty quick and is loving it! Phearson is loving playing on the same team as his BFF, Jackson. Although the game itself is not always Phearson and Jackson's top priority, being together makes up for it. Lets just say that a 5yr old soccer game can be quite tiring for both the kids and their parents. Our Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are now filled soccer fields, practices, games, orange slices, cleats, shin guards, goals and lots of running around.

Life at "The Hotel" aka Hoag Hospital continues. People remain to be very sick and I continue to care for them. There have been some big changes lately, thanks to our "wonderful" economy, and lets just say that I am feeling very blessed to still have a job. I am now actually required to work an extra couple of shifts a month and am still trying to adjust to my new schedule. You wouldn't think that one extra shift a pay period would make such difference, but in a already busy schedule it has proven a bit tricky.
Fall brings change...
changing of the color of the leaves, the flowers, the weather and in my case, the changing of hair color.

The boys continue to get older, bigger, taller, and smarter. We are officially all in booster seats and require no help getting buckled in the car. Big milestone and a new era for the Rosenlof's.

Bike rides are a must in the fall. Especially a tandem bike ride.

There are big projects going on around here. More of that to come. Hint: dig out all your skateboards people... things are about to get rad around here!

Halloween Tattoos are a must
These two kids are best buddies these days. (other than the moments when they are beating the crap out of each other) They insist on sleeping in the same bed and always have a flashlight and Nintendo DS to keep them company.

We have had quite a few visitors lately and have enjoyed playing, fighting, wrestling. Hugs only allowed upon goodbyes apparently.

We always miss our family who don't live close by and I was especially happy to get to spend a day with the Pops, before he headed off to Australia for work. Next time I might just pack my bags and head off to the beach with him.

We are gearing up for Halloween and the other holidays. (yes I did bust out with a little Christmas music this morning on my way home from work).

It is interesting that the decorations of choice of for Halloween around here are becoming more and more scary. Spiders, webs, tombstones, zombies, skeletons, skulls, chains, blood, gore etc. I can only imagine what the teen years with all boys with bring me.
Halloween costumes are still in the works and ideas change from day to day. We are loving the fall so far and all that it brings. I'm excited to have the night off and who knows... maybe we can even get Dad to dress up with us this year!
I think he does it pretty well myself.
Tis the season of fall!


Trisha said...

Wow, I don't even know what to comment on there are too many fun things in this post. Holy back yard, you have to be the funnest mom to let all that go on in your yard.

Biddles & Scootch said...

fun fun fun!!!!!!!

Together we are GREAT!! said...

Wow, don't really know where to start, or what exactly to say, but it looks very fun, and it makes us miss you guys, very much.
holy run on sentence!!!